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Introducing the “Bors” High Ceiling Cat Tree—an exceptional choice for cat owners seeking to provide their feline friends with ample space for play, exploration, and relaxation. This cat tree not only satisfies your cat’s natural instincts but also protects your furniture from potential damage.

Standing tall at 279-305 cm and featuring a base area of 60 x 60 cm, the “Bors” cat tree offers a generous space for your cat to climb, leap, and frolic. Its centerpiece is a large Ø 20 cm sisal scratching post, providing a satisfying surface for your cat to scratch and sharpen its claws.

In addition to the scratching post, the “Bors” cat tree boasts a trough, a comfortable lying surface, and two sisal rollers. The trough serves as a perfect hideaway and play area, while the lying surface offers a supportive and cozy spot for your cat to rest. The sisal rollers provide additional surfaces for scratching and stretching, promoting exercise and mental stimulation.

One of the standout features of the “Bors” cat tree is the ceiling tensioner, ensuring secure attachment to your ceiling. This innovative design element guarantees stability and security, even during energetic play or climbing sessions.

With its sturdy construction, multiple scratching surfaces, and cozy retreats, the “Bors” High Ceiling Cat Tree is a valuable investment for cat owners who prioritize their furry friends’ well-being. This cat tree creates a safe and satisfying environment, catering to cats of all ages and personalities.

Provide your cat with a space to play, scratch, and relax with the “Bors” High Ceiling Cat Tree—a reliable and enticing sanctuary that will bring joy and contentment to your feline companion.

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Base 60 x 60 cm
height approx. 279-305 cm
sisal trunk Ø 20 cm
colour: cream
cat tree has a ceiling tensioner