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Immerse your feline adventurers in a haven of luxurious comfort and endless exploration with the Fermas Cat Tree. Soaring to adjustable heights between 240-260 cm, this marvel of cat engineering marries structural integrity with opulent comfort. The tree is meticulously constructed from high-quality particle board, which is then adorned with an ultra-soft 380g/M2 plush material, providing the perfect blend of strength and coziness.

Stylishly conceived, the Fermas Cat Tree comes in an elegant combination of deep grey and crisp white, making it a visually pleasing addition that complements a wide range of interior styles. But beyond its aesthetic allure lies an array of features meticulously designed to cater to every feline need. Whether your cat is in the mood for exploration or relaxation, this tree has got it covered. A tunnel provides a secret passageway for curious wanderers, while two ladders enable easy climbing to the higher reaches of their new domain. Dual spacious cat boxes offer private enclaves for rest or playful antics.

Restful reprieve is never far away, with added cat beds providing plush sanctuaries for well-deserved naps or leisurely lounging. To keep your cats engaged, a set of toys—including two plush balls—is integrated into the design, ensuring your pets have endless opportunities for playful interaction.

The tree doesn’t just offer fun and comfort—it also attends to the natural instincts of your feline friends. The sisal-covered posts serve as designated scratching areas, allowing your cats to keep their claws sharp and healthy, while also diverting attention away from your valued furniture.

Aside from its versatility and comfort, the Fermas Cat Tree is an eco-conscious choice, designed for ease of maintenance and portability. With a robust base and an impressive weight capacity of 15 kg, this tree is well-equipped to accommodate the needs of multi-cat households.

Though some assembly is needed, the process is uncomplicated, thanks to the detailed manual included in the package. Ultimately, the Fermas Cat Tree is more than just a piece of pet furniture; it’s an enriching experience, a sanctuary of delight where your cats can freely climb, explore, and rest, fulfilling all their natural instincts and desires.

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Material: Particle board, plush, sisal
Colour:Deep grey and White
Net Weight: 20.22kg
Weight Capacity: 15kg
Overall Size: 60L x 45W (cm)
Height Adjustable: 240-260cm H
Particle Board Thickness: 1.2cm
Bottom Strengthening Band: 4W (cm)
Sisal Rope: Φ0.4cm
Paper Pipe Interior: Φ5.5cm
Cat Box Dimension: 45L x 35W x 25H (cm)
Accessories: 2 plush balls
Custom label: D30-093WT
Replacement parts are not offered for this cat tree