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Meet the Estaca Cat Tree: an exquisite fusion of aesthetics and functionality designed with both your feline friend and your home in mind.

Imagine a piece of art that could entertain your cat for hours – that’s the Estaca for you. Its chic design effortlessly elevates any room’s decor, making it more than just a cat tree, but a centerpiece. In fact, its elegance is such that it could easily pass for a showpiece in a high-end art gallery!

The Estaca isn’t just about the looks, though. It’s thoughtfully crafted to ensure maximum comfort and entertainment for your cat. With its striking woven sisal scratching posts, your feline will have ample space to stretch and sharpen their claws. And when it’s time for a break? They can choose from several plush-cushioned platforms that promise unparalleled comfort.

For those moments when your cat seeks solitude, the tree offers a woven kitty clubhouse. This private nook, complete with another machine-washable cushion, becomes the perfect retreat for those long, uninterrupted cat naps.

In essence, the Estaca Cat Tree is a harmonious blend of artistry and comfort, guaranteeing a delightful experience for your cat and a visual treat for you.

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Size show äche / base size: Ø 60 cm

Height / height: 141 cm

Logs / trunks: Ø 9 cm

Wrapped with water hyacinth