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Provide your chickens with a charming and secure home with The Coop de Ville. This well-designed coop offers both an indoor area and a protected outdoor space, allowing your chickens the freedom to roam and rest as they please. Constructed from robust fir wood and coated with non-toxic paint, this coop is built to last while ensuring the safety of your feathered friends. A convenient ramp facilitates easy access, and a slide-out tray makes cleaning a breeze. Both stylish and functional, this coop is an ideal choice for your poultry’s needs.

Key Features:

  1. Sturdy Fir Wood Construction: Made from solid fir wood, the coop is strong and durable, ensuring longevity and resilience.
  2. Comprehensive Design: Features an elevated living house, an outdoor run, a nesting box, a ramp, and a door, offering a complete living solution for chickens.
  3. Safe and Non-Toxic: Painted with non-toxic paint to ensure the safety and well-being of your chickens.
  4. Secure Outdoor Run: The outdoor area is enclosed with a spray wire, providing protection while allowing your chickens to enjoy the outdoors.
  5. Easy-to-Clean Dropping Tray: Includes a slide-out tray for effortless cleaning, maintaining a hygienic environment.
  6. Nesting Box for Egg Collection: A convenient nesting box is included for easy egg retrieval.
  7. Optimal Size: Ideally suited for housing 2 grown chickens, this small coop is perfect for smaller flocks.
  8. Ventilation and Light: Features a window to let in air and light, creating a comfortable and healthy environment.
  9. Assembly Requirements: Comes with all necessary accessories for assembly.

The Coop de Ville offers a perfect blend of functionality, safety, and aesthetics, making it an excellent home for your chickens.

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  • Material: Fir Wood
  • Colour: Grey
  • Overall Dimension: 150.5L x 54W x 87Hcm
  • Living House Dimension: 50L x 46W x 64Hcm
  • Nesting Box Dimension: 46L x 25W x 32.5Hcm
  • Run Box Dimension: Under house: 50L x 46W x 21H. Side: 66L x 46W x 65.2Hcm
  • Window Size: 7L x 10.3Hcm
  • Door Size: House: 21.8W x 26.4Hcm. Run box: 27.9W x 41.3Hcm. Inside door: 20W x 23Hcm
  • Slide-Out Tray Size: 43.5L x 43Wcm
  • Ramp Size: 45L x 17Wcm
  • Floor area: 0.5107㎡
  • Net Weight: 15.22kg
  • Flat Pack: YES
  • Custom Label: D51-108GY