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Welcome to the Haydock 1300 Chicken Coop, the epitome of coop engineering and design, grounded in 40 years of expertise in chicken keeping and coop creation. Its spacious dimensions and well-thought-out structure provide the ideal housing solution for up to 20 Bantams or 15 Laying Hens. And, with the optional Large Fowl Modification, it can comfortably accommodate 8 large fowl birds, including a cockerel.

Our Haydock 1300 Chicken Coop features four nests and a generous 2.4 meters of perching space, reflecting our deep understanding of poultry needs and behaviors. The nesting area is positioned at ground level, replicating the hens’ natural propensity to nest hidden in the undergrowth. Simultaneously, the two-level perching mimics the environment hens would have experienced in the wild – taking to high tree branches at dusk for safety and comfort. Even with a hierarchical social structure, each hen can find a suitable perch, reducing the risk of breast deformities due to improper perching sizes.

One of the key characteristics of the Haydock 1300 Chicken Coop is its unique nest shutter system. This feature dissuades hens from occupying the nests overnight, hence preventing nest fouling that can soil eggs and adversely impact the hens’ health. This functionality, coupled with the easily removable nest bank, opposing wall, section of the roof, central floor, and perch bars, ensures optimal cleanliness, protecting the wellbeing of your poultry and enhancing their egg production.

Understanding that ventilation is pivotal for poultry health, the Haydock 1300 Coop is equipped with an effective vented ridge system. This ingenious design expels the warm, stale air generated by the hens overnight while drawing in fresh, cool air through inlets under the eaves. The resulting optimal airflow mitigates heat and methane accumulation within the coop, thus significantly reducing the risk of respiratory problems among the hens.

In short, the Haydock 1300 Chicken Coop is an outstanding embodiment of the best practices in poultry keeping and coop design. Balancing both the innate needs of your hens and the requirements of the keeper, it represents a superb choice for anyone dedicated to providing the best environment for their poultry. This isn’t just a chicken coop – it’s a habitat that is built with affection and care for your beloved hens.

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