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Unveiling the Cat Tree Diana 260, a majestic realm where cats can ascend to new heights in luxury and delight. Tailored for those seeking a scratching sanctuary that resonates with all feline personalities, this grand construct effortlessly caters to the whims of multiple feline occupants, seamlessly blending recreational spaces with restful alcoves.

Adorned in a serene shade of cream plush, the Diana 260 seamlessly marries form and function, adding a dash of sophistication to its surroundings. Its svelte footprint ensures it integrates effortlessly into any setting, establishing itself as both an architectural marvel and a feline haven.

Majestically touching 260cm, this towering sentinel extends from floor to ceiling, with an adaptability that gracefully accommodates ceiling heights from 240 to 260 centimeters. This towering stature not only poses an exhilarating escapade for your cats but also satiates their innate desire to climb and survey their surroundings from a vantage point.

Integral to the Diana 260 are its stout scratching pillars, meticulously enrobed in organic sisal, designed to bestow upon your Royal Rebels an indulgent scratching spree. Nestled within its design is a snug sleeping den, a haven where your feline can retreat, bask in tranquillity, and rejuvenate after hours of play.

Further amplifying its allure, the Diana 260 parades twin generous platforms, coupled with a robust hammock – conjuring an idyllic lounging experience. The pièce de résistance is undeniably the opulent sleeping chamber, accentuated with a plush pillow of dimensions 60 x 30 cm and ensconced at a comfortable elevation of 28 cm, enhancing the regal aura of this cat tree.

Endowed with resilience and grandeur, the Cat Tree Diana 260 stands as an epitome of perfection for every feline demeanor. From playful escapades to indulgent siestas, it promises an enchanting domain for your cherished cats.

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Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 260 cm

Sisal thickness
6 mm

Permissible weight of hammock
15 kg

Fixed hammocks quantity
1 Fixed hammock

Hammock floating quantity
No floating hammocks

Indoor, Outdoor, Scraper, Sleeper