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Introducing the majestic Cat Tree Alexis 224, a palatial sanctuary expertly crafted for the spirited and lively feline. This towering masterpiece, with its grand stature of 224cm, is a sprawling canvas of relaxation and adventure opportunities, replete with seven plush platforms that cater to every feline whim.

Blanketed in a sumptuous cream plush and intertwined with organic sisal, the Alexis 224 proudly showcases four expansive plateaus. These ledges are the ideal havens for both relaxation and watchful observation, ensuring your cat never misses a beat of the household happenings. The two inviting hammocks, seamlessly woven into the design, beckon with the promise of serene naps and dreamy interludes.

But the true crowning glory of this cat tree is its magnificent lounge basket, perched aloft. This premium roost celebrates the tenacity of cats who climb, offering them a lofty perch from which to survey their domain. The ascent to this pinnacle is a delightful blend of climbing and scratching, guaranteed to captivate and challenge your feline companions.

The comfort quotient is further amplified by the velvety upholstery that graces each platform. These soft surfaces ensure your cats can indulge in moments of reprieve, luxuriating in comfort as they navigate their upward journey.

Structurally, the Alexis 224 leaves no stone unturned. Its robust base ensures unwavering stability, making it resilient against the most zealous of feline frolics. Moreover, the wall-anchored sofa attachment further elevates this tower’s distinctiveness, granting an added layer of solace and security.

With the Cat Tree Alexis 224, you offer not just a piece of furniture, but a world of wonder, relaxation, and thrill. It’s an unparalleled fusion of design and comfort, promising to be the prized jewel of your cat’s indoor adventures.

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Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 224 cm

Permissible weight of hammock
15 kg

Stairs present
Not available

Plush weight
600 grams Plush

Washable cushions

Spare parts

Assembly material
Inclusive assembly materials