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Introducing the Cat-scratcher “ELIF” — a masterpiece in feline architecture that graces our premium 2020 collection of cat trees. This magnificent design serves as an unparalleled activity hub, suitable for those who pamper their feline friends or homes boasting a family of multiple cats.

With a grand total of six distinct sleeping areas, your cat will always find an inviting nook to lounge in. Whether they cherish their solitude or love to bask openly in all their majesty, the “ELIF” cat-scratcher ensures every preference is catered to.

A standout feature is the roomy midway housing chamber. Adorned with tantalizing sisal carpets, this space promises an invigorating scratch session. The strategically positioned entrance not only ensures easy access but amplifies the overall aesthetic.

For larger breeds, the sturdy 12 cm diameter sisal scratching trunks are a godsend. These pillars offer unmatched durability, standing strong even during the most spirited of playtimes.

But what truly sets this product apart is its considerate design. The hammocks come equipped with a handy zip feature, allowing for easy removal of the fabric. This ensures that cleaning is a breeze, with the material being machine-washable.

For the playful souls, a thick playing rope hangs enticingly from the topmost platform, promising countless hours of chasing and swatting fun.

Standing at an imposing height of nearly 2 meters, this cat tree is best suited for brave-hearted cats that relish vertical adventures. The “ELIF” isn’t just another cat tree; it’s an exhilarating experience every feline deserves.

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  • – base size: 70 x 70 cm – height: 189 cm – scratching trunks: sisal, Ø 12 cm – colour: cream – also suitable for big cats – will be shipped in 3 boxes