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Introduce your feline to the Aili Barrel by PawHut—an enthralling tri-level marvel that goes beyond being a mere scratching post. Envision a fantastical castle ingeniously sculpted into the shape of a barrel, where lavish lounging quarters coalesce with sisal-clad skywalks. It’s essentially an amusement park that occupies a mere Ф38x70H cm of your living space—consider it the Disneyland for your cat! Built from pet-friendly and non-toxic particle board, the barrel stands as a citadel of safety and stability, akin to a feline Fort Knox, that resists wear and tear over time.

Step into the ground floor of this utopia, and your cat will discover a sanctuary so snug it rivals VIP lounges at high-end feline resorts. The fun escalates as your pet moves through the plush tunnel, connecting two of the three exquisite dens. And let’s not overlook the hidden hanging ball—essentially a mess-free piñata that awakens your cat’s hunting instincts for a lively game of chase. Ascend to the barrel’s penthouse: an observation deck swathed in luxurious plush, offering a bird’s-eye view of their dominion. For claws that need a little tender loving care, the barrel’s exterior is wrapped in premium, natural sisal, providing an ideal scratching pad that also spares your furniture. Despite its compact footprint, this dynamic barrel can withstand up to 30 kg, exemplifying the ‘small but mighty’ concept. Plus, assembly is incredibly straightforward, paving the way for your cat’s next extraordinary escapade.

In summary, the Aili Barrel by PawHut is not just another cat tree—it’s a complete lifestyle upgrade for your feline friend, offering an ingenious blend of safety, luxury, and interactive features. With its compact size and multi-functional design, it serves as a secure and playful sanctuary that fits snugly into any home. Why settle for the ordinary when you can give your pet an extraordinary experience with the Aili Barrel? Your cat’s dreamland is just a few clicks away!

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  • DIMENSION: Overall Dimension: Ф38x70H (cm) Each Open Hole Size: Ф17cm Max Load: 30kg.