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Introducing our Cat Tower XXL Stefano—a cat lover’s dream come true. This impressive scratching tower, standing at a total height of 178 cm, is designed to provide your cats with endless opportunities for climbing and scratching. With its four levels, it guarantees an exciting and engaging experience for your feline friends.

Not only does the Cat Tower XXL Stefano offer extensive climbing and scratching possibilities, but it also features soft caves that serve as cozy retreats for your four-legged companions. They can find comfort and solace in these caves, creating a sense of security and relaxation.

The levels of the tower are cleverly interconnected, allowing cats to navigate easily from top to bottom on the inside. This seamless connectivity enhances their exploration and encourages movement throughout the tower.

On the outside, sisal surfaces provide ideal areas for sharpening claws and climbing to the next level. These durable sisal surfaces offer a satisfying texture for your cats to maintain their claws while also promoting healthy scratching behavior.

Once your furry friend reaches the top, they will be greeted with a soft lying area on the platform. From there, they can enjoy a magnificent view, overseeing their surroundings with grace and confidence.

The Cat Tower XXL Stefano is specifically designed to accommodate several cats or large XL cats, thanks to its spacious base plate and multiple levels. This ensures ample space for all cats to enjoy their own space and explore the tower comfortably.

Indulge your cats with the ultimate climbing and scratching experience provided by the Cat Tower XXL Stefano. Its robust construction, interconnected levels, and soft retreats offer a harmonious blend of entertainment and relaxation for your feline companions. Treat your cats to this grand cat tower, providing them with a space they’ll adore.

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sisal/plush (polyester): 280 g/m²
cave fitted with fleece (polyester)
2 reversible cushions: washable by hand
3 sides with sisal scratching surface
colour: grey/light grey
62x 58cm
Height: 178cm