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Introducing the Single Shed Cathouse – a gorgeous, hand-crafted outdoor cat house that will give your furry friend their own purrfect little sanctuary to escape to. Cats love feeling warm and cozy, and they also enjoy being outdoors, making this cat house the perfect solution for both of these natural needs.

Not only does the Single Shed Cathouse look stylish and contemporary, but it is also a very practical solution for your feline friend. It comes with a couple of windows for them to peer out of and keep an eye on their territory, allowing pet owners to have a sneak peek inside as well and watch their furry friends purring off into a peaceful slumber.

This outdoor cat house has an indoor diameter of 50cm by 50cm, making it great if you have a couple of felines who both want their own space to have a chat and catch up on their weekend activities!

If you have any questions about the Single Shed Cathouse, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we will be happy to help. Give your cat the gift of their own private retreat with the Single Shed Cathouse.

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