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Presenting the Royal Ragdoll Cat Tree: a magnificent union of durability, adventure, and serenity, meticulously crafted to cater to cats of all statures and temperaments.

Elegantly rising to cater to the most spirited of felines, especially the vivacious larger breeds, the Royal Ragdoll is built with unyielding strength and stability in mind. Every inch of this exquisite creation echoes the extensive research and development that has been invested in its inception. Thus, it stands not merely as a furnishing for your pet but as a beacon of exploration and challenge.

Yet, within its commanding presence lies a tranquil heart. The centerpiece of the Royal Ragdoll features an intimate housing alcove, designed as a serene sanctuary for your cherished pet. After bouts of exploration and play, your cat can retreat to this quiet cocoon, recharge, and revel in the comfort it offers. The delightful access ladder, whimsically named the “stairway to heaven,” perfectly captures the essence of the solace awaiting within.

But the Royal Ragdoll’s commitment to excellence doesn’t end there. Its formidable 20 cm sisal-wrapped trunks stand testament to its enduring durability. Crafted to withstand the most fervent of feline scratches, these posts promise an unmatched scratching experience. The secret behind their resilience? The impeccable hand-finished craftsmanship championed by Pet Rebels, ensuring that every strand of sisal remains firmly in place.

In summation, the Royal Ragdoll Cat Tree is an embodiment of versatility. It promises adventure and serenity, and its sturdy build ensures lasting durability. It’s not just a cat tree; it’s a world of experiences, waiting to be explored and cherished by your beloved feline companion.

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Length 60 cm
Width 60 cm
Height 180 cm
Weight 40.4 kg
Number of boxes 2
Plush / fabric quality 600 gram plush gr/m2
Sisal thickness 6.00 mm
Pole(s) diameter(s) 20 cm
Baseboard measurements
L x W x H
60 x 60 x 4 cm
Plush color cream
Sisal color NATURAL
Number of hammocks 1
Number of metal hammocks
For heavy cats too
Washable hammocks
Washable up to 30 degrees
Max. weight hammock 25.00 Kg
Number of pillows 2