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Royal Canin Mini Light is a specially formulated dog food designed to help small adult dogs maintain a healthy weight, especially if they have a tendency to gain weight or lead a less active lifestyle. This dog food combines a high protein content with a low fat content and the addition of L-carnitine, which aids in the metabolism of fats as an energy source. The inclusion of fibres helps reduce the feeling of hunger between meals, preventing begging behavior during dieting.

This dog food is also enriched with chelation agents in calcium which help reduce tartar formation, promoting oral health. Additionally, it reduces a dog’s energy intake by up to 18%, which can lead to gradual and healthy weight loss.

The composition of Royal Canin Mini Light is based on carefully selected ingredients to provide optimal nutrition for small dogs. Its protein content is 30%, and fat content is limited to 11%, while crude ash and crude fibers are at 5% and 6.5%, respectively. Each kilogram of this dog food also contains 150 mg of L-carnitine, which helps in the metabolism of fats.

Overall, Royal Canin Mini Light is an ideal choice for pet parents who want to keep their small adult dogs at a healthy weight, especially if they tend to overeat or are less active. Its well-balanced formulation and specially selected ingredients can help promote weight management, oral health, and overall well-being in your furry friend.

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