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Introducing our latest addition, the Kings & Queens Catharina 160cm Cat Tree from Pet Rebels – a masterpiece in the Catharina range. Towering at an impressive 160cm, it’s the tallest model we’ve ever built!

Only the most courageous and nimble of cats will find their way (resembling Spiderman’s agility) to the top of this lofty structure where a comfy lounging spot eagerly awaits.

Your adventurous cat’s new perspective from the apex of this splendid creation will lay to rest any flat-Earth theories once and for all, as they will be able to observe Earth’s curvature firsthand.

This eye-catching cat tree comes equipped with two deeply cushioned hammocks, providing an incredibly snug area for your feline to unwind. For an added dash of style, there’s a third, ultra-soft, and sturdy hammock attached under the uppermost platform.

Accommodating the introverted or privacy-loving cats, the base of this tree house includes a secluded space they can stroll into, no climbing necessary.

To keep your cat entertained, a playful dangling toy is included. Watch as they engage their quick reflexes and agility in trying to catch it!

In summary, the Kings & Queens Catharina 160cm Cat Tree isn’t just a practical choice for your cat; its elegant design and aesthetic appeal make it an excellent addition to your home decor.

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Measurements: 59x56cm/ Height 134cm

Product details:
Plush quality 600g/ m
plastic socket made of ABS in a molded thread
Post diameter: 9cm
sturdy naturall sisal colored in grey, extra glued
Measurements bottom plate: 59x56cm/ Height 4cm
Measurements Sleeping cave: 40×40/ Height 30cm
Measurements hammock: 40x40cm (can carry up to 30 kg 30KG)
Removeable cushions, washable at 30 degrees
Color: Grey
Weight: 25,16KG