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The Scenic 197cm, quite simply put, is a paradise for your daring feline companion. As the name suggests, this towering cat tree offers magnificent scenic views of their surroundings for your lucky pet.

Designed to accommodate all breeds, shapes, and sizes, this robust cat adventure playground stands sturdy, no matter how large or small your cat might be. Its design has been meticulously crafted to ensure that regardless of your cat’s agility level, they can effortlessly ascend and descend this structure. Topping out at an impressive 197 cm, this cat tree can rightly be considered a skyscraper in feline furniture terms!

The Scenic 197cm comes with an array of hammocks and sleeping areas in different styles, ensuring each of your cats can find their unique cozy spot to nap after a vigorous play and climb session. The hammocks have been tested to support up to 20 kg, marking them as one of the strongest on the market today.

All platforms and climbing sections are covered in a premium 600 GSM plush material, adding a layer of softness and comfort for your feline friend.

Featuring 6 mm sisal rope, which is both robust and stylishly finished in dark grey, this cat tree blends seamlessly into your home decor while standing out in terms of quality and design.

We’re confident that just as we do, your cats will love the scenic views offered by the Scenic 197cm!

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Dimension: 110x50cm/ Height 197cm

Product details:
Plush quality 600g/ m
plastic socket made of ABS in a molded thread
Post diameter: 12cm
Sturdy 6mm naturall sisal colored in grey, extra glued
Study weaved sisal carpet colored in grey, extra glued
Dimension sleeping cave: 45x45cm/ height 30cm
Dimension bottom board: 110x50cm/ height 4cm
Dimension lounge sofa middle: 45x45cm/ Height 8cm
Dimension lounge sofa top: 50x30cm/ Height 8cm
Removeable cushions, washable at 30 degrees
Color: Soft Grey
Weight: 53,00 KG