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Pet Remedy is a unique solution designed to work in harmony with the brain’s natural messengers, known as neurotransmitters, which help regulate nerve responses to either calm or energize the body. Stress and anxiety can lead to overstimulation of the nerves, resulting in various symptoms commonly seen in anxious or stressed pets.

The distinctive blend of essential oils in Pet Remedy works in conjunction with these natural relaxation pathways, effectively calming the nerves of pets experiencing anxiety or stress.

Key features of the Pet Remedy Atomiser + 250ml Bottle include:

  • A water-based, non-aerosol, battery-operated atomizer that is suitable for a variety of mammals exhibiting stress-related behaviors, including cats, dogs, rabbits, rodents, ferrets, and horses.
  • Ideal for use in areas where a socket for a plug-in diffuser is not available, providing convenience and flexibility in usage.
  • Easy to operate, this clinically proven atomizer starts providing relief immediately, helping to calm pets without causing sedation.
  • Enhances pet attentiveness and receptiveness, creating a more focused and cooperative environment.
  • Developed and manufactured in England, ensuring quality and effectiveness in stress relief for your pets.

With the Pet Remedy Atomiser + 250ml Bottle, you can provide your furry friends with a safe, gentle, and effective solution to manage stress and anxiety, promoting a happier and healthier life for your beloved pets.

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