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When you bring home the Hacienda Dome from our renowned “Classic-Line,” you’re choosing a cage that combines tradition with innovation. This best-selling model is an epitome of sturdy design and utilitarian features. With dimensions ranging from 91 x 71 x 165 cm without the panel to an expansive 116 x 96 x 165 cm with the apron, this cage offers ample space for all medium-sized parrots. Beyond its roominess, the cage comes with a perch, four outer lining doors equipped with stainless steel trays, a nesting box door, and a catcher skirt to contain food spillage and dirt—making both feeding and cleaning an effortless experience.

Safety and Mobility: Designed for Your Convenience

What makes the Hacienda Dome stand out is its attention to detail. The cage features a removable grid, allowing you easier access for cleaning or rearranging your bird’s living space. Stability is also a priority, with the cage equipped with robust “role feet,” ensuring it stays in place. But when you do need to move it, the stable role feet make the task simpler. The grating strength is an impressive 5 mm with a grid spacing of 25 mm, ensuring that your medium-sized parrots are secure and comfortable. However, it’s important to note that this cage is not suitable for smaller birds like canaries, budgerigars, and cockatiels.

Efficient Delivery and Easy Setup

Once you place an order, the cage is delivered by a forwarding agency right to your sidewalk on the ground floor. While the goods are not carried into your home, the forwarding company does offer the convenience of scheduling an exact delivery date. This feature makes it straightforward for you to plan the further transport of the cage, which will come in several packages. Due to this, it’s essential to provide your mobile phone number during the ordering process for seamless communication.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: Approx. 91 x 71 x 165 cm (without panel); 116 x 96 x 165 cm (with apron)
Internal Height: 148 cm
Grid Spacing: 25 mm
Grating Strength: 5 mm
Weight: 66 kg
With the Hacienda Dome, you’re not just buying a cage; you’re investing in a long-lasting home filled with comfort and safety for your medium-sized parrots. Its classic design and modern amenities make it an ideal choice for any discerning bird owner.

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Size (WxDxH):
ca. 91 x 71 x 165 cm (without panel)
approx 116 x 96 x 165 cm (with apron)

Vogelsheim-internal height:
148 cm

Grid spacing:
25 mm

Grating strength:
5 mm

66 kg

Suitable for:
– All medium parrots
Note: This cage is not suitable for small species of birds such as canaries, budgerigars and cockatiels. Please check before ordering if there is enough space for a large cage in the space provided.