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Introducing a birdcage that pushes the boundaries of both design and functionality—the versatile bird home that accommodates all finches and parakeets. Crafted with you and your birds in mind, the cage features doors that effortlessly transform into a landing platform, making it easy for your feathered friends to come and go. Adding an extra layer of convenience, these convertible doors come secured with acrylic dirt protection, making cleaning a breeze. The cage offers an impressive 132 cm of interior height within its dimensions of 91 x 71 x 160 cm, providing a spacious setting for your birds to fly, climb, and rest.

Amenities for a Complete Avian Experience

What sets this cage apart are its thoughtful amenities that go beyond the basics. This model comes equipped not just with a couple, but four food and water bowls, alongside two perches for initial setup, ensuring your birds have everything they need from day one. While the cage’s grating thickness stands at a secure 2 mm, its lattice spacing is a bird-friendly 10 mm. With a manageable weight of 40 kg, you don’t have to worry about it being cumbersome. The cage is designed to provide your feathered friends with a secure, comfortable home, making it ideal for a variety of birds—from budgies and cockatiels to more exotic parrot species.

Mobility, Colors, and Easy Delivery

Functionality meets aesthetics with this cage’s availability in a classic color combination of Antique / Platinum as well as the new trendy shade of Choco / Vanilla. Moreover, moving the cage is a hassle-free experience thanks to its stable feet fitted with rolls. Whether you want to give your birds a change of scenery on the patio or simply move them to a different room, this cage makes it as simple as a gentle push. Although it arrives without decoration, the cage provides a blank canvas for you to add toys, climbing structures, or whatever your birds desire.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: Approx. 91 x 71 x 160 cm
Interior Height: 132 cm
Lattice Spacing: 10 mm
Grating Thickness: 2 mm
Weight: 40.0 kg
From its innovative features to its stylish color options, this cage offers a comprehensive home for all finches and parakeets, making it a must-have for any bird lover who refuses to compromise on either form or function.

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Size (W x D x H): approx 91 x 71 x 160 cm

Bird Home Interior height: 132 cm

Lattice spacing: 10 mm

Grating thickness: 2 mm

Weight: 40.0 kg

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