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Invest in the perfect shelter for your furry feline friends with this impressive cat house from PawHut. Whether you have a pet or want to provide a safe space for strays, this cat house is the ideal spot for them to rest and relax. Designed with windows that allow cats to observe their surroundings, they’ll be under an asphalt roof that provides shelter in the winter and shade in the summer, making it perfect for outdoor-loving pets.

This cat house features multiple fun entrances, allowing your cat to easily get in and out of the house. The asphalt cover protects against rain and provides shade, while the water-resistant paint ensures that it’s suitable for outdoor use. The cat house also comes with a cute flower box, perfect for growing plants like catnip, which can help to calm and relax your cat.

The elevated base of the cat house prevents moisture from seeping through, keeping your cat dry and comfortable. Made with a sturdy wooden frame, this cat house provides the stability needed to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Suitable for cats weighing up to 7kg, this cat house is the perfect spot for your feline friend to call home.

Assembly is required, but the result is well worth the effort. Overall, this cat house is a must-have for cat owners who want to provide their furry friends with a comfortable and secure outdoor living space. With its multiple entrances, asphalt cover, water-resistant paint, and cute flower box, it’s sure to become your cat’s favorite spot to rest and relax. Give your cat the perfect home with this remarkable cat house from PawHut.

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  • Dimensions: 85.5H x 96L x 65Wcm. Suitable for cats up to 7kg.