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Introducing the Groomers Neptune Electric Bath With Splashback—a modern and durable bathing solution designed to meet the needs of busy grooming salons. Constructed from easy-cleaning polyethylene, this bath combines practicality with durability for a reliable and long-lasting performance.

The Groomers Neptune Electric Bath With Splashback features an electrically height-adjustable chassis, allowing groomers to easily and conveniently set the working height to their preference. With a maximum weight capacity of 140kg, this bath can accommodate most dog breeds, providing stability and support during bathing.

Designed with versatility in mind, this bath includes a removable half-length platform, enabling groomers to reach and bathe smaller dogs with ease. The bath’s sliding door ensures effortless access, simplifying the bathing process for both groomers and pets.

With a full internal depth of 50cm, the Groomers Neptune Electric Bath is suitable for larger dog breeds, providing ample space for bathing and maneuvering. The patterned base of the bath offers a non-slip grip, ensuring pets feel secure and comfortable during the bathing experience.

The bath’s attractive design features four spaces for shampoo storage and decorative molded paw prints on the front, adding a touch of style to the salon environment.

Included with the bath is a high splashback, providing protection for your walls against suds, dirt, and water splashes. The bath also features retaining hooks for noose attachments, ensuring pets remain secure during grooming. Plumbing fixtures, including a mixer tap and a 1.4m waste hose, are supplied for your convenience.

Please note that the Groomers Neptune Electric Bath With Splashback does not come with a shower attachment. It is typically used with separate, wall-mounted showers, while the bath tub itself acts as a shower tray.

The Groomers Neptune Electric Bath With Splashback requires self-assembly and plumbing. It is delivered curbside for your convenience.


Working height at lowest level: 86cm
Working height at highest level: 120cm
Tub inner depth: 50cm
Length: 148cm
Width at widest part: 78cm
Splashback height: 45cm
Animal entry height at lowest level: 48cm
Invest in the Groomers Neptune Electric Bath With Splashback—a reliable and versatile bathing solution that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the grooming process while providing comfort and safety for both groomers and pets.

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Modern, sturdy and durable bath with electric chassis
Made from easy-cleaning polyethylene
Electronically height adjustable
140kg maximum weight
Includes splashback and shelf, ideal for extra storage if needed
Supplied with plumbing fixtures