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Magic is an exceptional magnesium-based calmer that distinguishes itself from other similar products in the market. This remarkable supplement comprises a five-star formula that provides horses with the right blend of magnesium, calming herbs, and essential nutrients to promote relaxation of muscle tissue and support concentration.

Apart from magnesium, Magic contains a unique combination of calming herbs and nutrients that are known for their calming properties, including hops and passion flower. These natural ingredients have been used for centuries to alleviate stress and anxiety in both humans and animals, making them a valuable addition to this supplement.

The composition of Magic is the result of sound scientific nutritional and veterinary knowledge, combined with the highest grade ingredients. The ingredients list comprises magnesium oxide, grass meal, calcium carbonate, white mineral oil, brewers’ yeast, magnesium chloride, fenugreek seed, oligofructose (dried), and saccharomyces cerevisiae extract.

Magnesium oxide, the primary ingredient, is a potent form of magnesium that helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function. The grass meal and calcium carbonate provide essential nutrients for healthy bones and teeth, while the white mineral oil ensures optimal absorption of the supplement.

Brewers’ yeast, fenugreek seed, oligofructose (dried), and saccharomyces cerevisiae extract are valuable sources of nutrients that support digestive health and improve gut function. These ingredients are essential for ensuring that the supplement is easily absorbed by the horse’s digestive system, promoting maximum effectiveness.

In summary, Magic is a premium-quality supplement that has been carefully formulated to provide horses with the right combination of magnesium, calming herbs, and essential nutrients. If you are looking for a reliable and effective product to promote relaxation and concentration in your horse, then Magic is the perfect choice.

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