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Welcome to the Horse Saddles section at, where we offer a wide variety of saddles designed to ensure a comfortable and secure riding experience for both you and your horse. Whether you’re a dressage rider, a showjumper, an endurance rider, or a casual trail rider, our range of saddles caters to every equestrian discipline and style.

Our collection includes dressage saddles, known for their deep seats and straight-cut flaps that allow for a close contact feel, enhancing the communication between you and your horse. For those into showjumping or eventing, our jumping saddles with forward-cut flaps and a design that supports a shorter stirrup length provide the ideal balance and freedom of movement.

Endurance riders and trail adventurers will appreciate our range of endurance and trail saddles. These are designed for comfort over long distances, providing excellent weight distribution to minimise strain on your horse.

For the western riders, we offer a variety of western saddles, perfect for activities ranging from roping to barrel racing, or simply enjoying a comfortable trail ride. These saddles are known for their durability, unique style, and the stability they offer.

We also carry all-purpose saddles, a versatile choice for riders who enjoy various riding styles. These saddles strike a balance between the forward seat needed for jumping and the straighter leg position ideal for flatwork.

Every saddle in our range is sourced from trusted manufacturers renowned for their quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and use of high-quality materials. They come in a range of sizes, tree widths, and colours to suit every horse and rider preference.

At, we understand the importance of the right saddle in enhancing your riding experience and ensuring your horse’s comfort and performance. Explore our Horse Saddles category to find the perfect saddle that matches your riding discipline, personal style, and most importantly, fits your horse perfectly. With our selection, you can ride with confidence, knowing you’re equipped with quality, comfort, and style.