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Introducing the Lucky Rebels Parklane 175cm Cat Tree, the pinnacle of cat luxury and adventure. This magnificent scratching structure stands tall, offering your cat an expansive vertical world to traverse, ensuring they get the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation. Made with unparalleled craftsmanship, the tree is constructed using only the most premium materials, ensuring a durable and cozy haven for your feline companion.

With a towering height of 175cm, the Parklane Cat Tree provides a vast expanse for your cat to explore with confidence, thanks to its robust and stable construction. Your cat’s playful instincts will be thoroughly satisfied with the engaging rope feature, perfect for a variety of interactive activities. The addition of a specially-designed ladder guarantees that cats of all ages and sizes can access and revel in every layer of this luxurious playground.

Durability remains a standout feature of the Parklane Cat Tree. Its thick, enduring posts are designed to weather the most spirited of scratches and climbs. Yet, for those moments when your furry friend seeks relaxation, the tree offers sumptuously soft havens. From the plush cave bed for secluded relaxation to the cozy hanging hammock that promises a warm embrace, every aspect of this cat tree spells comfort. To top it off, its available in three elegant shades, ensuring it seamlessly elevates the aesthetics of any room. In essence, the Lucky Rebels Parklane Cat Tree is more than just a piece of cat furniture; it’s a statement of luxury, thrill, and ultimate comfort for your beloved pet.

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Length: 58cm
Width: 45cm
Height: 175cm