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Indulge your feline companion in a world of unparalleled comfort and play with the Little Zeus Cat Tree by PawHut—a masterpiece that marries both elegance and practicality. Showcased in a chic light brown hue, this sophisticated cat tower is a seamless integration of sturdy particle board and the opulent softness of lamb cashmere cushions. Its exquisitely engineered structure guarantees that your beloved pet enjoys the pinnacle of comfort, featuring a spacious sleeping area atop the tower that allows them to stretch out in luxurious ease.

While the Little Zeus Cat Tree certainly excels in providing comfort, it doesn’t stop there. At the core of its design are sisal-covered scratching posts, meticulously positioned for those unplanned but ever-so-important scratching sessions. These natural sisal fibers offer a satisfying texture for your cat, aiding in keeping their claws in pristine condition while deterring them from taking their scratching instincts out on your cherished household furniture.

Beyond sleeping and scratching, this deluxe cat tree includes an additional middle perch that adds a playful dimension to your cat’s daily activities. This central platform is designed for effortless climbing and descending, making it a hub of endless exploration for your curious feline.

Stability isn’t just an add-on; it’s a central feature of the Little Zeus Cat Tree. Anchored by a broad and robust base, this tower stands firm and secure, even when subjected to the liveliest feline frolics. With a generous weight capacity of 30 kg and dimensions measuring 91H x 45L x 45W cm, this versatile cat tree accommodates cats of various sizes with ease.

The tree comes with a comprehensive, user-friendly assembly manual, ensuring that setting up your cat’s new favorite haven is a breeze. With all its attributes considered, the Little Zeus Cat Tree isn’t just a piece of pet furniture—it’s a luxurious habitat that offers your feline a personalized space for rest, play, and discovery, all while complementing the aesthetic charm of your home.

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Dimensions: 91H x 45L x 45Wcm. Top basket: 8H x 45L x 36Wcm. Middle perch: Ф35.5cm. Base: 45L x 45Wcm. Central pole: Ф16.5cm
Weight capacity: 30kg
Net weight: 6kg
Custom label: D30-269BN

Replacement parts are not offered for this cat tree