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The Leandro XXL scratching post from Trixie is the ultimate cat playground that is sure to capture your feline friend’s heart and keep them entertained for hours. This amazing cat tree boasts chunky and sturdy scratching posts that are covered with sisal, a natural fiber that helps maintain your cat’s claws while keeping your furniture safe from damage.

Aside from the scratching posts, this cat tree also features various snuggly spots where your cat can relax and unwind in peace. These cozy nooks are perfect for cats that seek some solitude and privacy away from the hustle and bustle of a busy household.

The Leandro cat tree also comes with a plush-padded bed that provides a comfortable and warm place for your cat to rest after a long day of play. The bed features a soft edge that supports your cat’s head and provides a secure and calming spot for them to curl up in.

This cat tree is designed to accommodate cats of all sizes, but larger breeds will especially appreciate its sturdy and robust structure. The Leandro XXL scratching post is the ultimate cat dream come true, and your feline friend will thank you for providing them with a safe and fun place to play, scratch, and relax.

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Especially suitable for large cats sisal: ø 8 mm/plush (polyester): 400 g/m² cave fitted with plush (polyester) cuddly bed with padded platform and rim durable cuddly bag, padded and quilted removable hammock, padded and quilted: hand wash with sisal scratching surface thick, heavy base plate colour: light grey 44673 Measurements: 163 cm Floor area: 63 × 50 cm Post: ø 11 cm Colour: light grey Height: 163 cm