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Create a warm and inviting space for your chickens with The Featherville Manor Chicken Coop. This well-designed coop provides a spacious area that includes a main house and a large run, linked by a ramp to allow for easy movement between resting and active areas. The main living spaces are thoughtfully elevated, protecting your chickens from moisture and ground-level elements. Cleaning is made simple with a removable tray. Constructed from fir wood and coated with water-resistant paint, this coop is durable and equipped to handle various light outdoor weather conditions. The Featherville Manor Chicken Coop is a perfect choice for keeping your chickens happy and comfortable.

Key Features:

  1. Weather-Resistant Asphalt Roof: The roof is designed to block rain and maintain warmth, providing a comfortable shelter for your chickens in all weather.
  2. Separate Nesting Box: Accommodates multiple chickens, ensuring each has its space.
  3. Comfortable Stand Rail: A rail for the chickens to rest and roost comfortably.
  4. Multiple Access Doors: Three doors offer convenient access to the interior for feeding, cleaning, and interaction.
  5. Easy Cleaning: Features a removable tray, simplifying the cleaning process and maintaining a hygienic environment.
  6. Ventilated Mesh Window: Ensures adequate air circulation within the coop.
  7. Durable Fir Wood Construction: Made with robust fir wood and finished with water-resistant paint to withstand different outdoor elements.
  8. Assembly Requirement: Comes with all necessary components and instructions for assembly.

The Featherville Manor, with its blend of functionality and comfort, is an ideal choice for providing your chickens with a cozy and safe home.

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  • Colour: Grey, Black, White
  • Material: Fir wood, Steel
  • Overall Size: 193L x 78W x 115Hcm
  • Main House Size: 72W x 65D x 65Hcm, Door: 24.5W x 35Hcm
  • Nesting Box Size: 65W x 33D x 42Hcm
  • Bottom Run Size: 105W x 65D x 47Hcm, Door: 47W x 39.8Hcm
  • Side Run Size: 78W x 65D x 89Hcm, Door: 33.5W x 82Hcm
  • Tray Size: 65.5W x 65.3Dcm
  • Ramp Size: 70L x 20Wcm
  • Recommended 2-4 chickens
  • Item label: D51-291GY
  • NOTE: Buyer to determine the amount of pets that will fit in the hutch depending on breed and size