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Grant your large breed dogs the freedom they deserve with the Dog Mate® 2-Way Dog Door XL. Designed specifically for sizable breeds like Labradors and German Shepherds, this innovative dog door accommodates canines with shoulder heights up to 630 mm. Now your faithful friend can come and go as they please, while you enjoy peace of mind knowing the door is built with their safety and your convenience in mind.

Security Meets Accessibility:
With sturdy locking safety panels, this door goes above and beyond in ensuring your home’s security without compromising your pet’s freedom. The door comes equipped with a magnet lock, further enhancing the safety measures and ensuring that the door stays closed when it should be. This makes the Dog Mate® 2-Way Dog Door XL not just a doorway for your pet, but a secured entry point that adds an extra layer of protection to your home.

Built to Last with Ultimate Convenience:
When it comes to installation, the Dog Mate® Dog Door comes with self-cladding features that make it compatible with mounting depths up to 50 mm. What’s more, the flap is designed for both durability and ease of use. It’s lightweight yet force-resistant, ensuring that even the most enthusiastic of pets can use it without causing damage. And to top it off, the flap features draught-free, weather-resistant brush seals to keep the elements at bay, maintaining the comfort and warmth of your home.

Designed for Spatial Harmony:
Concerned about how it will fit into your home? Worry not. With external door dimensions of 366 x 441 mm and door cut-out dimensions of 318 x 391 mm, this door is built to seamlessly integrate into your living space. Its thoughtful dimensions make it easy to install and visually harmonious with your home’s existing design elements.

Invest in the Dog Mate® 2-Way Dog Door XL and elevate the quality of life for your large breed dogs. This door provides an ideal balance of freedom for your pets and peace of mind for you, crafted to the highest standards of safety, durability, and convenience.

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External door dimensions (W x H): 366 x 441 mm
Door cut-out dimensions (W x H): 318 x 391 mm