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Introducing Dodson & Horrell Soya Oil – a traditional and highly effective supplement for horses and ponies. This supplement is designed to help improve your horse’s coat condition and shine, which is often an indicator of good health and nutrition. A shiny coat not only looks great, but it also indicates that your horse is getting the right nutrients to maintain its overall health and wellbeing.

Soya Oil is a rich source of omega fatty acids, which have been shown to improve coat condition, giving your horse that extra edge and sheen. These fatty acids are essential for maintaining healthy skin and hair, and can also help to improve your horse’s overall health.

In addition to its coat-enhancing benefits, Dodson & Horrell Soya Oil is also a useful weight gain aid, as it is a high-calorie supplement. It provides a source of slow-release energy that can help to improve stamina, making it ideal for horses and ponies that need to perform at their best.

Furthermore, Soya Oil has been shown to aid horses with skin irritation, making it a great addition to your horse’s diet if it suffers from skin allergies or other skin-related issues.

Overall, Dodson & Horrell Soya Oil is a highly effective supplement that offers a range of benefits for your horse or pony. With its high-calorie content, slow-release energy, and omega fatty acids, this supplement can help to improve your horse’s overall health, wellbeing, and performance. So, if you’re looking for a simple and effective way to give your horse that extra edge and shine, Dodson & Horrell Soya Oil is the perfect choice.

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