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Presenting our Octagonal Aviary, a magnificent marriage of functionality and aesthetic appeal that serves as an elegant dwelling for your cherished birds. Crafted from pressure-treated joinery-grade red pine, this aviary has been constructed with a keen eye for quality and durability. Its design stands out with ornate framing, combining strength and style to offer a secure and visually appealing home for your birds.

The Octagonal Aviary is characterised by its solid roof constructed from 20mm thick shiplap, ensuring optimal protection from various weather conditions. Three of the aviary’s walls are boarded with thick tongue & groove material, designed to create a cosy and secure environment for your birds. The remaining five walls are wired, including a door wall, allowing for ample ventilation and observation opportunities.

Our Octagonal Aviary also boasts an array of additional options to enhance the comfort and functionality of your bird’s home. An internal safety porch can be added for extra security, creating a two-door system that minimises the risk of your birds escaping when the aviary is accessed. The free flight portal is another option that provides your birds with an opportunity to enjoy unhindered flight within the safety of their home.

Furthermore, for those looking to encourage natural bird behaviours such as nesting, we offer the option of adding nesting boxes. These boxes provide a safe and comfortable space for your birds to lay their eggs and raise their young.

One of the defining features of our Octagonal Aviary is its customizability. You can choose to have the aviary painted in a colour of your preference, enabling it to blend seamlessly with your garden’s aesthetics or stand out as a unique centerpiece.

In essence, our Octagonal Aviary is more than just a birdcage. It is a thoughtful fusion of quality materials, ornate design, and customisation options that combine to offer a comfortable and elegant home for your birds. This aviary promises to provide an enriching environment for your feathered friends while adding a touch of elegance to your surroundings.

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