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Experience the zenith of feline luxury with the Cat Tree XXL Maciel, a resplendent sanctuary custom-engineered for large and majestic cats. Recognizing the specific needs of larger breeds, the Maciel is meticulously Designed for Giants, offering ample space and robust support for lounging, playing, and resting. With a commanding footprint of 78 × 58 cm and an impressive height of 155 cm, this cat tree doesn’t just offer expansive space for your cat’s activities; it also serves as a statement piece that enhances any room. Coated in a sophisticated, timeless grey, it effortlessly harmonizes with various interior designs, exuding an air of elegance and style.

Built to withstand the test of time, the Maciel features a Robust Build. The blend of durable ø 5 mm jute with high-density 250 g/m² plush polyester ensures both resilience and unparalleled comfort. Anchoring the tree is a Deluxe Cave Retreat, a cozy space fitted with plush fabric and a reversible cushion, providing your cat a secluded haven for relaxation or play. Maintenance is hassle-free, as the cushion is hand-washable. Elevated atop the tree is a luxurious bed adorned with a padded platform and rim, giving your feline a panoramic view while enveloping them in unmatched comfort.

As if that’s not enough, Maciel takes versatility to the next level by introducing a removable, quilted hammock. This extra amenity amplifies the leisure options available for your cat, allowing them to pick their preferred spot for relaxation or observation. And yes, the hammock too is hand-washable, ensuring upkeep is as simple as it is convenient. The Cat Tree XXL Maciel isn’t merely a piece of pet furniture; it’s a grand statement of comfort, luxury, and style, promising your large cat an unmatched living experience.

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Floor area: 78 × 58 cm, : 155 cm