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The Emil cat tree features multiple carefully placed stepping stones that lead up to a spacious and cozy resting area at the top. This design allows your cat to climb up to the top of the cat tree with ease, making it the perfect choice for older cats or cats with mobility issues.

In the center of the Emil cat tree, you’ll find a chunky sisal carpet column that your cat will love to scratch and play with. The cat tree also includes a cozy housing area, providing a private and secure spot for your cat to take a nap.

Your cat will love making themselves comfortable on the padded platforms, the cozy cave, and the soft cuddly bed. The surfaces of the Emil cat tree are padded, which adapts to the individual body shape of your cat, ensuring that the pressure is optimally distributed throughout their body.

For an extra element of fun and play, the Emil cat tree also includes two play balls on a rope, providing your feisty feline with plenty of variety and stimulation.

In conclusion, the Emil cat tree is the perfect choice for any cat owner looking for a safe, comfortable, and entertaining cat tree for their older or mobility-challenged cat. With its carefully placed stepping stones, chunky sisal carpet column, cozy housing area, padded platforms, soft cuddly bed, and playful toys, your cat will love spending time exploring and relaxing in this amazing cat tree.

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Product information
Recommended for older animals and those suffering from back and joint problems
sisal/plush (polyester): 280 g/m²
sisal surface
4 padded climbing aids with embroidery
cave fitted with plush/fleece (polyester)
padded platforms
platform with removable cuddly bed
2 vital cushions with viscoelastic foam: machine wash up to 30 °C/cushion insert: washable by hand
moulds itself perfectly to support the pet’s body
optimal distribution of pressure
compliant with animal welfare under Section 18 (AT)

Floor area: 65 x 59cm

height 96cm