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Spoil your feline companion with the Cat Tree Afonso, a luxurious amalgam of comfort, leisure, and endless adventure. With its Durable Craftsmanship featuring robust ø 10 mm sisal and the softest long-haired plush at a remarkable density of 260 g/m², Afonso stands as a sanctuary that is both sturdy and irresistibly inviting. The tree’s Elevated Comfort is evident in its plush, padded cuddly bed, ensuring that your cat’s relaxation is nothing short of premium. Further enhancing this private oasis is the tree’s snug cave, outfitted with the softest polyester for those cherished ‘me-time’ moments or afternoon naps.

Designed to cater to your cat’s natural instincts, Afonso’s robust trunks are sheathed in resilient sisal, making them a Scratching Heaven to keep your feline’s claws sharp and healthy. With its Elegant Design, Afonso is decked in a sumptuous brown hue, effortlessly adding a touch of class to any living space. Functionality is as much a consideration as aesthetics, and with its generous dimensions—covering a floor area of 58 × 58 cm and reaching a height of 135 cm—the cat tree strikes the perfect equilibrium between elegance and utility.

Found both in retail outlets and online stores for your convenience, the Cat Tree Afonso isn’t just another pet accessory. It is a multi-level realm offering a variety of activities and restful corners, making it the epitome of space and comfort for your feline friend. With its item number 44456, Afonso is easily identifiable among TRIXIE’s vast range of quality pet products. Immerse your cat in a haven where luxury, play, and relaxation converge, all embodied in the exquisite Cat Tree Afonso.

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Floor area: 58 × 58 cm, : 135 cm

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