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Introducing the Brighton 6×4 Chicken Ark, a revolutionary coop designed with the lessons learned from maintaining a flock of 100 chickens with a staggering egg laying rate of 98%. This unique chicken coop is designed to optimize space utilization, making it an excellent choice for garden settings where space might be limited.

The Brighton chicken coop is a two-tiered design, featuring a house section on the upper level and a run beneath. This layout not only maximizes space usage but also allows for natural chicken behavior, as they can descend at dawn and ascend at dusk. While the coop is built to provide top-notch security around the clock, we do recommend raising the ramp at night for an added layer of protection.

One of the major highlights of this chicken coop is its ability to offer shade and shelter. With the run area designed to have both sunny and shady sides, your chickens can regulate their temperatures by choosing their preferred spots. Additionally, the run remains dry even during heavy rain, and the accumulation of snow on the wire exterior serves as an insulator and windbreak without depriving the chickens of light.

Nesting in the Brighton 6×4 Chicken Ark is a nod to the nesting behavior of the jungle fowl, from which modern chickens descend. With nesting areas set below the floor level at the darkest end of the coop, it caters to the chickens’ instinctual need for a hidden, dark, scratch nest. Two nests are included, equipped with night shutters to prevent ‘overnighting,’ reducing the chances of soiling the eggs, which could introduce harmful bacteria due to the slightly porous nature of eggshells.

The coop also takes inspiration from the high branch roosting habits of jungle fowl by encouraging chickens to ascend the ramp for nighttime roosting.

The Brighton Chicken Coop is designed for ease of cleaning, as we recognize that a difficult-to-clean coop can compromise the welfare of the chickens. It includes features such as a fully removable nest assembly, removable perching, large access doors on both sides, and removable end doors, making it an extremely user-friendly coop to maintain.

Additionally, the coop comes with stretcher handles, allowing for easy relocation to prevent turf damage and ensure good husbandry. Regularly moving the coop just a few feet onto fresh ‘scratch’ can help maintain the turf’s health and reduce fowl sickness.

The Brighton 6×4 Chicken Ark is suitable for housing four or five medium birds, such as rescue chickens, or up to six Bantams including a cockerel. It can also comfortably house three large fowl hens, although it’s not recommended for large fowl cockerels. The coop provides a spacious run of 1.2mt x 1.6mt, plus the upstairs area, ensuring ample room for your chickens to live and thrive. Offering functionality and comfort, this coop is a step towards a more efficient and effective chicken-keeping experience.

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