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As a dedicated cat parent, ensuring that your cat has opportunities for solo play and physical activity is crucial. The “Bran” cat tree stands out as an excellent choice for fulfilling these needs while safeguarding your furniture against scratches. This elegant and practical cat tree offers both a serene hideaway and an effective scratching solution for your feline friend.

The “Bran” cat tree, with its impressive height of 153 cm and a solid base measuring 20 x 20 cm, provides a spacious playground for your cat to explore, play, and indulge in their natural scratching behavior. At the heart of this cat tree is a robust Ø 20 cm sisal-covered trunk, serving as the primary scratching area. Sisal, known for its natural toughness, is ideal for cats who are enthusiastic scratchers, helping them maintain their claws while engaging in a satisfying scratching experience.

Beyond the main sisal trunk, the “Bran” cat tree also includes a snug cat den located at the trunk’s base. The den, featuring a wide entrance, allows for easy access, offering your cat a secure and cozy space for naps, hiding, or simply unwinding in their private sanctuary.

An added attraction of the “Bran” cat tree is the broad sisal roller positioned midway up the trunk. This feature offers an alternative scratching surface and a chance for your cat to stretch and flex their muscles, contributing to their physical well-being and keeping them entertained and active.

In summary, the “Bran” cat tree represents a valuable addition for cat owners who prioritize their pet’s well-being. Combining sleek design, robust build, and multiple scratching options, this cat tree promises to be a hit with cats of various ages and preferences.

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Base 60 x 60 cm
height 153 cm
sisal trunks Ø 20cm