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Introducing the Avoca Scratching Tree—a remarkable cat furniture piece that combines style, functionality, and durability to provide your feline companion with the perfect scratching and lounging experience.

The post of the Avoca Scratching Tree is expertly wrapped in jute, offering an irresistible scratching surface for your cats to maintain their claws while diverting their attention from your furniture.

The base plate and condo feature plush mats, providing a cozy and inviting space for your cats to rest and relax. Additionally, the two platforms also come with plush mats, offering elevated areas for your cats to perch and observe their surroundings.

For your convenience, the plush mats, made from polyester, come with hook and loop fasteners, making them easily removable for hand washing. This ensures that your cats always have clean and hygienic lounging surfaces to enjoy.

With its classic furniture decor, the Avoca Scratching Tree seamlessly matches any interior design, adding an aesthetic touch to your living space while providing a functional and engaging space for your cats.

Crafted with high-quality MDF-wood, this scratching tree boasts durability and stability, ensuring it withstands the test of time and offers a secure and safe environment for your feline companions.

The Avoca Scratching Tree is beautifully designed in a walnut-brown and white color combination, further enhancing its appeal and blending harmoniously with your home decor.

With measurements of 48 inches (122 cm) in height and a floor area of 23.6 × 15.7 inches (60 × 40 cm), this cat tree provides ample space for your cats to play, climb, and relax. The post, with a diameter of ø 3.1 inches (ø 8 cm), offers a satisfying scratching surface for your cats’ needs.

Indulge your cats with the Avoca Scratching Tree—a remarkable combination of style, comfort, and durability. Treat your feline friends to a furniture piece that not only satisfies their natural instincts but also complements your home decor. Elevate their environment and provide them with a sanctuary they will love.

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post wrapped in jute
base plate and condo with plush mats
2 platforms with plush mats
plush mats (polyester) incl. hook and loop fastener: washable by hand
classic furniture decór matching any interior design
material: MDF-wood
color: walnut-brown/white
Measurements: 48 in., 122 cm
Floor area: 23.6 × 15.7 in., 60 × 40 cm
Post: ø 3.1 in., ø 8 cm
Color: brown/white
Höhe: 48 in., 122 cm