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In a marketplace saturated with uninspiring bird tables, I have made it my mission to create something truly remarkable. It all began when I was commissioned to craft a bird table as a retirement gift for a proud gardener and devoted bird feeder. I wanted to create a bird table that would reflect the high esteem in which this man was held by his colleagues. Thus, the first incarnation of our Ascot bird table was born.

Today, we proudly offer two distinct bird tables: the Ascot and the Lingfield, both featuring hexagonal bodies and roofs. The Ascot bird table exudes architectural elegance with its lantern-style house and a second platter beneath. It not only serves as a functional feeding station but also stands as a striking centerpiece in both natural and formal garden settings.

On the other hand, the Lingfield bird table embodies a more traditional design, featuring an open platter beneath its coned roof. Inspired by my wife Cindy’s desire to observe the birds more closely, the Lingfield offers a greater sense of openness compared to the enclosed structure of the Ascot. To further enhance functionality, I incorporated a second feed platter into the Ascot bird table.

Both bird tables are meticulously crafted from pressure-treated pine, ensuring durability and longevity. The posts, measuring 90x90mm, are constructed by laminating four sections of 45x45mm timber, resulting in exceptional strength. The multiple layers of treatment within the post’s cross-section significantly extend the life of these bird table posts.

To ensure stability, we provide a pair of under turf braces that securely anchor the bird tables, mimicking the anchoring system of a natural root system. This method has proven to be effective not only for our bird tables but also for our more substantial dovecotes.

The roofs of our bird tables boast our distinctive tile effect, crafted from 20mm thick shiplap, complete with a meticulously hand-dressed lead capping. Topping off the roof is a custom-designed finial, expertly crafted in-house to complement the bird table’s unique aesthetic.

The platters of our bird tables are a robust 45mm thick, exceeding specifications and adding an extra layer of quality and workmanship to our creations.

When it comes to choosing the finish for your bird table, we understand it is a personal decision. A painted bird table in a formal garden, particularly against the backdrop of evergreens, creates a striking visual impact. However, a natural, unpainted bird table blends harmoniously with a more relaxed and organic environment. By default, we paint our bird tables white. However, upon request, we offer the option to paint your bird table in a color of your choice for a small additional charge (price on request) with a custom color match code.

Embrace the natural beauty of the Lingfield bird table in its unpainted form, allowing it to seamlessly merge with the surrounding environment, bringing joy to both the birds and the observer.

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