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Introducing the Alpha22 Jellyfish Aquarium with a specially designed Multi LED Light component, a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. This state-of-the-art aquarium showcases vibrant LED lights that bring an extraordinary vibrancy to your jellyfish habitat, replicating the captivating beauty of the ocean depths right within your living space.

The multi LED light system isn’t just about visuals – it’s designed to simulate the natural lighting conditions of the ocean, providing an authentic habitat for your aquatic pets. Moreover, our chosen species, Moon Jellyfish, thrive in this environment without realizing any difference from the ocean, making this an ethically sound pet choice.

The Jellyfish Aquarium Starter Kit includes:

  • 1x Alpha22 Jellyfish Aquarium
  • 3x Moon Jellyfish
  • 1x Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brine Shrimp (Food)
  • 1x NO3 Nitrate Test
  • 1x Sera Marin Bio Reefclear 20 m
  • 1x Accurate Refractometer
  • 1x Red Sea Salt | 2 kg (60l)
  • 1x Cleaning Set
  • 1x Feeding Pipette
  • 1x DC Power Supply
  • 1x Chemi-Pure Bag
  • 1x Inbuilt Colour Changing LED with Remote Control
  • 1x Pump
  • Filtration Media

Jellyfish are delivered separately, with the delivery date tailored to your preference, ensuring a seamless and hiccup-free setup process.

Why Choose Moon Jellyfish?

Moon Jellyfish, our selected species for this kit, are ideal for first-time jellyfish owners. Their stunning appearance under the tank’s lighting, coupled with their lack of sting, makes them an excellent choice. Notably, Moon Jellyfish have the capacity to ‘heal’ from any minor mishaps due to missed water changes or temporary water quality issues, offering more forgiveness as you familiarize yourself with your new pet’s routine.


Caring for jellyfish is no more challenging than keeping fish! All that’s required is a simple routine:

  • Feed your jellyfish once a day.
  • Change 15% of the tank’s water every week.
  • Clear up any uneaten food debris.

So, why wait? Transform your living space into an enchanting underwater paradise with our Jellyfish Aquarium Starter Kit. Order now to embark on an exciting journey of pet ownership that’s as visually striking as it is rewarding.

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This starter kit contains everything for your happy jellies
1 Year Warranty
Easy to clean and maintain
Designed specially for jellies
35 cm tall, 24 litres water volume
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