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Keeping Cats Away From Your Trash. Handy Guide 2023

Cats are notorious for their fascination with garbage cans, but preventing them from wreaking havoc and making a mess can be quite a challenge. Understanding why cats find trash cans appealing is crucial, and adopting the right strategies can help keep your mischievous feline away from the temptation.

One of the primary reasons why cats are drawn to trash cans is the alluring scent of leftover food. Their highly sensitive noses can detect the aroma of a chicken carcass, a savory soup, or anything that tickles their senses. To deter your cat from delving into the kitchen garbage, a simple and effective solution is to ensure that your trash can has a lid or is adequately sealed off from their pesky paws.

Setting clear boundaries within your home is essential for teaching your cat right from wrong. Without boundaries, your cat may never learn whether their actions are acceptable or not. By establishing rules and reinforcing them consistently, you can guide your feline friend to respect the trash can as off-limits.

To redirect your cat’s attention away from the trash can, consider scraping leftover food directly into their bowl. This way, they will quickly realize that the delectable goodies are not found in the garbage. You can still share the occasional treat like a cleaned yogurt pot, but be cautious to prevent them from getting their heads stuck in it.

Sharing food with your cat can also foster a stronger bond between you both and serve as an affectionate gesture. However, be mindful of providing them with appropriate and cat-friendly treats.

If you have an adventurous and intelligent kitty capable of opening kitchen cabinets in search of food, employing child-safe locks can be an excellent choice to keep them away from your beloved biscuit tin and other potential food sources.

Another area where you may find your curious cat exploring is the bathroom garbage can. What makes it enticing for them are the various intriguing items it holds, such as crackly paper, interesting bottles, tissue boxes, and cotton buds. These items can be seen as potential toys that captivate your feline’s attention.

To ensure your cat’s safety, it’s crucial not to leave any dangerous objects like medications within their reach. If you must keep such items accessible, make sure they are securely sealed. Eventually, as your feline companion becomes tired or bored, they will likely move on to the next adventure.

With the growing popularity of home offices, paper garbage cans often make an appearance, filled to the brim with discarded paper. This setup presents an irresistible opportunity for your cat to engage in mischief. If your feline enjoys playing in cardboard boxes, it’s likely they are tunnel hunters who also love exploring containers. Providing a crumpled-up piece of paper as an alternative toy can redirect their attention and keep them entertained. Alternatively, investing in a soft stuffed animal toy can offer a designated focus for their playfulness.

In some cases, there may be hazardous items in the garbage that pose a danger to your cat. If your furry friend has a habit of exploring such dangerous trash, you can make the garbage area as unappealing as possible by allowing the garbage to clatter or even creating distressing noises yourself. This approach will help associate the garbage with negative experiences and deter your cat from playing around those areas.

Redirecting your cat’s energy and attention is key to preventing their interference with trash cans and hazardous garbage. Once you’ve mastered the art of redirection, your cat will gradually pass up on these opportunities and resist the temptations lurking in the trash. Remember to employ consistent training, positive reinforcement, and ample playtime to keep your feline companion content and engaged.


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