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Cat Trees For A Devon Rex Cat

Cat Trees For A Devon Rex Cat

The Devon Rex cat, named after the town of Devon in the United Kingdom where it originated, owes its existence to a unique feline named Kirlee. This extraordinary breed came into being around 1959 when Kirlee, a kitten with distinctive features, was born. Kirlee’s birthplace in Devon is what gave the breed its name. Interestingly, the Devon Rex shares many genetic characteristics with another breed called the Cornish Rex, which emerged just over a decade earlier in the nearby town of Cornwall.

Through successful tests and examinations, it was confirmed that Kirlee possessed a natural genetic mutation, setting it apart as a truly exceptional feline breed. The ancestry of the Devon Rex, including that of Kirlee, remains shrouded in mystery, with very little known about their lineage.

In 1979, the Cat Fanciers’ Association granted full recognition to the Devon Rex breed, and since then, it has steadily gained popularity among pet owners worldwide. Its unique traits and lovable nature make it an appealing choice for many.

When considering purchasing cat furniture specifically designed for the Devon Rex, it is crucial to take into account their natural inclinations and distinct characteristics. These cats prefer to be at head level or shoulder height, either with their owners or their favorite companions. They are highly curious and actively engage in their surroundings, insisting on being involved in any exciting activity taking place around them.

Owning a cat tree specifically designed for the Devon Rex is essential, as these felines thrive on human interaction and enjoy the company of other cats. They are remarkably intelligent and can be trained to perform various tricks. In fact, similar to dogs, they may even enjoy playing fetch. With their innovative minds, it is important to provide them with a cat tree that keeps them mentally stimulated, ensuring their happiness and contentment.

Due to their excitable personalities, nothing is worse than having a bored and frustrated Devon Rex in your home. By offering them suitable cat furniture, you can create an environment that caters to their unique needs, preventing them from becoming restless or developing destructive behavior. Investing in a well-designed cat tree will not only benefit your beloved Devon Rex but also enhance the overall well-being and harmony of your household.

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