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The Pomeranian | Everything you need to know

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The Pomeranian, or “Pom” as they are affectionately called, is a fluffy little dog with a sharp, fox-like face and a pretty, alert expression. Poms get their name from a region on the southern Baltic coast known as Pomerania, where the dogs were bred down to their current small size.

Long known as a high-society breed, the most famous Pomeranian of the 19th century—Queen Victoria’s dog Marco—was even considered an honorary member of British Royalty. Her Majesty Queen Victoria was one of the breed’s biggest fans.

At one time the Queen is said to have kept 35 Pomeranians in her royal kennels. Queen Victoria’s tastes and style had an enormous influence on popular culture, with the Pomeranian quickly becoming the most popular breed in Great Britain. Stateside, the American Kennel Club first registered the breed in 1887. Today, the Pomeranian is a wonderful companion and showdog all around the globe.

The breed’s docile temper and affectionate nature endear it to many. Poms are alert, inquisitive and active.


Country of origin: Germany


Height: 7 to 12 inches


Weight: 3 to 7 pounds


Color: The Pomeranian comes in a wide variety of colors: white, black, brown, red, orange, cream, blue, sable, black and tan, brown and tan, spotted, brindle, plus many other combinations of these colors. The most common colors are orange, black or cream/white.


Training: Pomeranians are intelligent dogs, responding well to training and learning tricks. One of the most independent of the Toy breeds, they need firm, gentle discipline so as not to become “yappy”. In addition, Poms make for good watchdogs. Be sure to teach your Pomeranian early that he may bark a couple of times when the doorbell rings or when visitors enter, but then to keep quiet.

Grooming: The Pom has a long, thick, double coat that requires frequent grooming. Some owners prefer to have their dogs receive occasional haircuts to cut down on daily maintenance.

Exercise: The Pomeranian loves to go for walks and will happily play outdoors. Take him for regular short walks to satisfy his curious streak as well as ensure him a healthy dose of daily exercise.

The Family Factor: The Pomeranian is good for apartment or larger-home living. They are very active indoors and will do okay without a yard. With proper training, the Pom can make an excellent and loyal companion, though this breed is not for everyone. Families with young children may not be the ideal home for a Pom. The breed will connect well with older, calmer children. Regarding other pets in the home, when properly introduced, Pomeranians usually get along well with their fellow four-legged friends.

Health Concerns: Pomeranians are prone to dislocated patella (knee-cap), slipped stifle, heart problems, eye infections, skin irritations, tooth decay and early hearing loss.

Life Expectancy: 13 to 15 years

Famous Owners: Sharon Osbourne, Bill Cosby, Keanu Reeves, Hilary Duff, Kate Hudson