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“Introducing the Maine Coon SAMAR — an epitome of strength and style in the world of cat trees. Boasting scratching trunks with an impressive 20cm diameter, it stands unparalleled, offering the sturdiest scratching posts available in today’s market.

Its streamlined design, melding both strength and elegance, promises an unmatched scratching session that your feline won’t be able to resist. Such a captivating feature acts as the ideal diversion, keeping your prized furniture safe from those eager claws.

One of its crowning features is the expansive scratching post. Not only does it provide ample space for your cat to stretch out fully, ensuring a healthy spine, but it also allows them to keep their claws in pristine condition.

Stability is the keystone of the Maine Coon SAMAR. Its broad base plate firmly anchors the sisal column, ensuring zero wobbling, even when multiple felines are clambering up its length simultaneously.

But that’s not all! The distinctive hanging hammock is a marvel in itself. Crafted with utmost comfort in mind, it gently cradles and rocks your cat, making it a cherished spot for felines of all sizes.

For those bursts of playful energy, the dangling, robust play rope is irresistible. Watch in delight as your kitty gets whisked into a playful whirl, trying to capture the elusive rope with agile paws.

The Maine Coon SAMAR is not just a cat tree — it’s a world of adventure and relaxation for your beloved feline.

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  • – base size: 80 x 50 cm
    – height: 130 cm
    – scratching trunks: sisal, Ø 20 cm
    – colour: grey
    – also suitable for big cats