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Looking for a majestic cat tree that is suitable for large breeds such as Maine Coons or Ragdolls? Look no further than the Humberto XXL cat tree from Trixie! This impressive structure is as big as they come, providing your cat with plenty of space to explore and go on their own adventure.

Big cats need big cat trees, and the Humberto XXL is designed to meet their needs. The spacious housing area in the middle of the cat tree is finished with sisal carpet, providing your cat with a special place to sharpen their claws whenever they need to.

There are two large hammocks on this cat tree that can accommodate cats of all shapes and sizes, and they have been tested up to 22kg in weight! A lovely dangling playing rope can also be found hidden underneath the housing area, which your cat is sure to love.

At 174cm tall, your cat will have amazing views of the house from the Humberto XXL cat tree. The removable pillows can be easily hand washed or put in the machine, making it easy to keep the bedding areas clean and fresh for your furry friend.

In summary, the Humberto XXL cat tree from Trixie is the perfect choice for cat owners looking for a majestic cat tree that can accommodate large breeds like Maine Coons or Ragdolls. With its spacious housing area, large hammocks, and playful dangling rope, your cat will love exploring this cat tree and going on their own adventures. And with removable pillows for easy cleaning, you’ll love it too!

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Floor area: 68 × 68 cm Post: ø 12 cm Colour: cream/grey Thread Size: M8 Height: 174 cm


  • sisal: ø 6 mm/plush (polyester): 600 g/m²
  • two robust cuddly bags, padded
  • removable hammock, padded: hand wash
  • cave fitted with plush/fleece (polyester) and reversible cushion (hand wash)
  • thick, heavy base plate
  • colour: cream