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If you’re looking for a comfortable and stylish cat post for your feline friend, look no further than the Giada post from Trixie. This cat post offers your four-legged companion a cozy cave with a plush reversible cushion, a hammock, and a padded cuddly bed – perfect for lounging and relaxing in style.

In addition to providing a comfortable place to rest, the Giada post also includes multiple scratching posts that offer ample surface area for daily claw care. This ensures that your cat’s claws remain in top condition, helping to save your furniture from any damage.

The Giada post boasts a smart black and white design that stands out in any room, while the soft 600GSM plush fabric sleeping areas offer a particularly comfortable spot for your cat to take long naps. With a housing area located on the ground level, your cat can also enjoy some private and peaceful sleeping time away from any distractions.

In summary, the Giada post from Trixie is a great choice for any cat owner looking to provide their furry friend with a comfortable, stylish, and functional place to relax and play. With multiple scratching posts, a cozy cave, and plush sleeping areas, your cat is sure to love this cat post and you’ll love the peace of mind knowing your furniture is safe.

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  • sisal: ø 6 mm/plush (polyester): 280 g/m²
  • cave made of woven fabric with reversible cushion: hand wash
  • hammock with sturdy metal frame
  • padded platform with removable cuddly bed: hand wash
  • colour: black/white
  • Floor area: 65 × 38 cm Post: ø 9 cm Colour: black/white Thread Size: M8 Height: 112 cm