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Introducing the Dolomit Cat Tree: a blend of durability, design, and delight that’s set to be the next favorite spot for your feline.

This isn’t your average cat tree – it’s a wall-mounted masterpiece, thoughtfully crafted for cats who love high vantage points. Its sleek layout is not just about aesthetics; it offers a perfect playground for your cat to jump, climb, and explore. Whether it’s an empty wall in your living room or bedroom, the Dolomit effortlessly fills that space, adding a touch of elegance.

At the pinnacle of this cat haven lies a snug hammock, where your feline can perch and gaze over their domain. And for those moments when they crave some privacy, a roomy kitty condo awaits, offering a tranquil spot for those precious cat naps.

Worried about installation? Don’t be. The Dolomit comes with all the necessary tools, making it easy to set up on any wall, provided you use the right nuts and bolts. And if you’re wondering about its strength – even the chunkiest of cats will find a firm foothold, thanks to its sturdy construction.

A highlight? The platforms are equipped with cushions that attach via Velcro. Not only does this provide added comfort for your pet, but these cushions can also be easily detached and thrown into the wash.

In essence, the Dolomit Cat Tree is a comprehensive mix of design, comfort, and utility – a perfect gift for your furry companion.

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  • Plush cushion with velcro strap, detachable
  • Cave: diameter 40 x 30 cm. hight: 168 c