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Gift your feline royalty with an abode befitting their regal stature. Presenting the Cat Tree Cleopatra 134, a palatial retreat echoing opulence and sophistication, meticulously crafted for your cherished companions. Adorned in the rich hue of cappuccino plush, this posh scratching pillar exudes an ambiance perfect for your furry monarch.

Taking center stage in the Cleopatra 134 are its stout scratching pedestals, quintessential for your cat’s grooming rituals. Embellished with a natural grey sisal, these robust columns promise endurance while catering impeccably to your feline’s primal scratching desires.

Ascending to its zenith, a sprawling lounge basket offers a vantage perch, allowing your cat to oversee its realm with grace. Such elevated platforms resonate deeply with feline psychology, granting them the pleasure of vigilance over their territory.

As the sun sets on their regal endeavors, the Cleopatra 134 unfolds a myriad of leisure zones. Be it the sumptuous embrace of the suspended basket or the plush confines of the sleeping alcove, your cat can luxuriate in unparalleled comfort.

With a majestic height of 134cm, this cat tree graciously caters to kittens and elder felines alike. Thoughtfully integrated step-up platforms ensure seamless traversal, making every nook and cranny accessible.

The opulence is further magnified with a commodious lounge basket measuring 46 x 55 cm and a plush hammock spanning 40 x 40 cm, providing ample havens for relaxation and repose.

In summation, the Cat Tree Cleopatra 134, drenched in Cappuccino hues, encapsulates the harmony of elegance, solace, and pragmatism. This premium feline tower offers an eclectic mix of adventure, respite, and recreation, making it an indispensable jewel in your feline’s dominion.

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Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 55 × 45 × 134 cm

Sisal thickness
6 mm

Stairs present
Not available

Permissible weight of hammock
10 kg

Fixed hammocks quantity
1 Fixed hammock

Hammock floating quantity
No floating hammocks

Indoor, Outdoor, Scraper, Sleeper