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The eye-catching Cesare Cat Tree is not only visually appealing but also incredibly strong and robust, making it the ideal choice for cat owners with larger breeds in search of a sturdy cat tree that offers ample space for their feline friends to climb, play, and sharpen their claws.

This multi-level cat tree has everything a pampered cat could ever desire, with numerous platforms and features for them to explore and enjoy. Its generous design ensures that even the most adventurous felines have ample room to climb and roam.

A spacious ground-level cat house, complete with an open side for easy entry and exit, provides a cozy retreat for your cat. For added comfort, soft pillows are included within the cat house, ensuring that your furry friend experiences the ultimate relaxation they deserve.

The crown hammock is a customer favourite, with its expansive design catering to larger breeds who will undoubtedly appreciate the comfort it offers. This hammock provides the perfect spot for your cat to lounge and unwind after a day of exploration.

Standing at an impressive 186cm tall, the top platform of the Cesare Cat Tree delivers an abundance of height that cats are well-known for loving. This elevated perch allows your feline companion to survey their domain and satisfy their natural instincts to climb and explore.

In summary, the Cesare Cat Tree offers an exceptional combination of style, strength, and functionality. Its well-thought-out design accommodates the needs of larger cats, ensuring they have plenty of opportunities for climbing, playing, and resting in comfort. Investing in a Cesare Cat Tree is a wise choice for cat owners looking to provide their feline friends with a luxurious and durable piece of furniture that will keep them entertained and content.

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sisal: ø 6 mm/plush (polyester): 450 g/m² cave fitted with fleece (polyester) and 2 reversible cushions (hand wash) cuddly bed with padded rim and reversible cushion: washable by hand removable hammock, padded: hand wash velvet look/plush thick, heavy base plate colour: grey Measurements: 186 cm Floor area: 65 × 50 cm Post: ø 11 cm Colour: grey Height: 186 cm