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Introducing the Arma Scratching Barrel—a remarkable cat furniture piece designed to provide your feline companions with endless scratching and lounging opportunities. With its plush and sisal scratching surfaces, this barrel offers a variety of textures for your cats to satisfy their scratching instincts.

The Arma Scratching Barrel is a three-story structure, fitted with plush and felt surfaces, ensuring maximum comfort for your cats. The padded platform comes with a removable cuddly bed, providing a cozy spot for your cats to rest and relax. The cuddly bed can be easily hand washed, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your beloved pets.

To add an element of play, the Arma Scratching Barrel features a toy on a string, encouraging interactive fun and keeping your cats engaged and entertained.

The color scheme of gray/white/gray enhances the aesthetic appeal of the barrel, making it a stylish addition to your home decor. The measurements of 98 cm (38.6 inches) in height and a floor area of 54 × 54 cm (21.3 × 21.3 inches) provide ample space for your cats to climb, play, and lounge.

The Arma Scratching Barrel is not only visually appealing but also designed for durability and stability. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand the vigorous activities of your cats, while the sisal and plush materials offer lasting comfort and satisfaction.

Elevate your cats’ scratching and lounging experience with the Arma Scratching Barrel—a combination of style, functionality, and comfort. Provide them with a dedicated space to satisfy their natural instincts while offering a cozy and inviting environment for relaxation. Treat your cats to the ultimate feline retreat.

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covered with plush and sisal scratching surfaces
3-story, fitted with plush/felt
padded platform with removable cuddly bed
cuddly bed: hand wash
toy on string
color: gray/white/gray
Measurements: 98 cm
Measurements: 38.6 in., 98 cm
Floor area: 54 × 54 cm
Floor area: 21.3 × 21.3 in., 54 × 54 cm
Color: gray/white
Color: gray/blue/gray
Höhe: 98 cm
Höhe: 38.6 in., 98 cm