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This litter box features a unique, motor-free design that requires manual turning after your cat’s visit. This energy-saving solution allows you to save money compared to fully automatic models, offering the flexibility to place the litter box wherever you prefer without consuming any electricity.

Spacious Waste Compartment:
Boasting an impressive 10-liter capacity, the litter box eliminates the need for daily emptying. Depending on the amount of waste, you may only need to empty the bin every 14 days, providing added convenience and ease of maintenance.

Waste Bag Dimensions: 65x35cm

Effective Odor Control:
Equipped with an odor filter, the litter box effectively prevents unpleasant smells from permeating the surrounding area, ensuring a fresh and clean environment for you and your cat.

Versatile Cat Litter Compatibility:
The litter box accommodates various types of cat litter, including Bentonite, Tofu granules (size S), and Straw granules (size S). This versatility allows you to choose the most suitable litter for your cat’s preferences and needs.

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Color: White
weight: 6.3kg

Material: Polystyrene
Dimensions: 57x49x56cm

Recommended weight: 0 – 15kg

Maximum waste bin capacity: 10 liters
Maximum amount of cat litter: 3.5 kg

Package contents: Semi-automatic litter box, Odor filter, Power cable, Manual

Patent number: 89587-05