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The Scale Spa tank is an excellent habitat for your pet turtle, especially during the colder months. It is thoughtfully designed with a built-in water area and a basking platform, providing an ideal environment for your turtle’s daily activities. When the weather becomes warmer, the tank can be easily moved outdoors, allowing your pet to bask in natural sunlight. It features a two-hole feeding tube and a wide ramp, perfect for your turtle’s exercise needs. The acrylic windows offer clear visibility to observe your pet, while the wire mesh ensures proper ventilation.

Key Features:

  • Includes both basking and water areas, creating a versatile habitat for resting and roaming
  • The top lid design secures your pet while allowing them to enjoy sunlight safely
  • Openable top panels with wire mesh for excellent ventilation and space to place a lamp
  • Equipped with a drain hole at the bottom for easy water drainage
  • Features a 2-hole feeding tube and a wide ramp, enhancing your pet’s feeding and exercise experience
  • Acrylic window for clear observation of your pet’s activities
  • Pre-drilled wire hole on the top for adding filters, facilitating a clean and healthy environment
  • No installation required, making it user-friendly and easy to set up
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  • Colour: White
  • Material: ABS, Acrylic, Wire Mesh
  • Overall Dimension: 47L x 28W x 25H cm
  • Water Area Size: 32L x 28W x 20H cm(platform), 20W x 10.7H cm(window), 22L x 17.8W cm (top panel)
  • Basking Area Size: 15L x 24W x 20H cm(platform), 13.4W x 15.5H cm(window), 18L x 11W cm (top panel)
  • Feeding Through size: 6L x 4.3W x 1.2D cm