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Introducing the cat feeder set, specifically designed to provide your feline companion with a comfortable and enjoyable feeding experience. The set includes a sturdy shelf with two steps and a single feeding bowl, all crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

The shelf is designed to allow your cat to relax while eating, promoting better digestion and making mealtime a pleasurable experience for both you and your pet. The two stairs provide easy access to the feeding bowl for cats of various ages and sizes.

The feeding bowl is made of glass and has a generous capacity of 200 cc, providing ample space for your cat’s meal. The glass material is not only strong and long-lasting but also environmentally friendly, as it prevents food from oxidizing, keeping it nutritious for your cat.

Depending on your preference and your cat’s preference, you can arrange the bowls on either the left or right side of the feeder set. When placing your order, make sure to specify the arrangement you want to ensure that you get the perfect cat feeder set for your furry friend.

The glass bowls in the feeder set are easy to clean, making cleaning a breeze. A quick rinse with warm water and mild soap will make your cat’s feeder set look brand new again.

Investing in a premium cat feeder set is an excellent way to show your love and care for your feline companion. It not only enhances the comfort and enjoyment of mealtime but also promotes a healthy digestive system and overall well-being. So why wait? Order your cat feeder set today to give your pet the best mealtime experience possible!

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The set includes:
1. Shelf with 2 bowls – 1 pc.
2. Steps – 2 pcs.

Feeder-shelf size
-length – 16.5″ (42 cm)
-width – 11.8″ (30 cm)

Steps size
-length – 10.5″ (26.5 cm)
-width – 4.7″ (12 cm)


Beige, Grey